Thursday, June 21, 2012

Designing a character, Moondancer

Here you can have an insing in our design process.

Moondancer is one of the six fillies for our movie, (six fillies, six colts, making a total of twelve foals).

She is a character that comes from the G1 ponies, and we had a lot of fun redesigning her. Again, every character in the shortfilm is carefully tinkered and reviewed several times by the two of us. 

(Please, don't get confused by my design sheet) Moondancer is NOT gonna appear as a ghost in this project)


  1. Aww, she's so adorable! The Mane design is original, and the colour scheme is enticing yet not so obnoxious. Remind's me of bubblegum. No constructive criticism from here!

  2. Thanks! we had a lot of fun designing Moonie. She has a big role in what we call " the Moonlight ballet" scene.


  3. I'm a bit late mentiooning this, but technically, the name "Moondancer" has already been used for a canon character in MLP:FiM (in the very first episode, some ponies mention that she's throwing a party). Still, no reason Moondancer can't be a common name in Equestria! =P

  4. So i know this is a bit old, but i recently bought some adorable little fillys (minty and moondancer by playskool). But i thought the moondancer in the pack looked abit off compared to the one i knew. So i did a search and stumbled across this, and realized that this moondancer looks very similar to the little foal i just found!