Thursday, June 21, 2012

Developing a character, Filly Gari

We have several foals In "Children of the Night". One of them is Gari (short for Cougari). This one is a little bit different than the rest, because it is a ponysona from our friend Trish Forstner (she was a finalist in the Hasbro Pony design contest, and we sure hope her to win, she definitely deserves it, :)  )

For a change, when I started working on Gari's design I had a starting point, and that was the original art from Trish.

Originally, her ponysona is a variation from her Cougar character, so it had a lot of animal features, which I had to remove in order toblend it with the rest of the cast, for she is a regular filly).

 It was a very nice surprise to find that she drew her character with the modifications that I introduced afterwards.

Here you can see an example of her original art

 parting from the original cougari, I watched some CMC episodes and some of Sabrina Alberghetti's sketches, to come up with a filly version of Gari, modifying the cougar pattern to make it suitable for Flash animation.

I did a full development sheet for the matter,  exploring the personality and seeing how the design worked when in pose, I did this for every one of the characters.

Once we are happy with the design, we start with the Flashbuild, which is kind of a slow and painful process (for the record, FLASH doesn't love Cintiqs, so we have to jump through hoops and modify our Nostromo keyboards just for our deares vectorial software).


  1. I love this little filly. I have a total bias :)

  2. Looks like you also considered some scenarios post-banishment. Interesting.

  3. This is absolutely splendid! I love the great diligence and care you put into your work, particularly the background. It is the quality that one might expect from Disney or Dreamworks. I wait with great anticipation for the completion of your project.