Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The early stage of development. Declined scenes

Hello there once again!

Today is my  turn (Spiritto) for posting production art. So here I bring you  some scenes that we decided not to include in the Animatic, or to modify.

Scene:  Under the bridge.

We did like five or six compositions for this scene counting thumbnails and digital media.  This is one of my attempts to it , but it really didn't worked in a sequence. Because the beat was too fast. The idea was to show that there is more than one pony under the bridge, which are not reacting to Luna's song, but the foal get's "called" by the moonbean  just like the others.

This one is from Lion, it was a different view of Luna's flight through canterlot, but we decided to delete it, for not reading as well as it should.

And last but not least, anouther of Lion's propositions. Showing the Pegasi guards falling asleep outside of the castle, if you check closely,  you will see Starswirl the Bearded snoring next to the telescope. 

So that's it for today!  See you on the next post.

Spiritto, signing out. :)


  1. Cook stuff here, so how long will the finished piece be? Is it a full story or will it be a fully animated version of your animatic?

    1. It is really hard to tell.

    2. Lion here, sorry about that ^^

      To answer your question, it will be the length of the song. We are only two so doing a full episode would be something impossible in a reasonnable lifetime.

  2. Oh my gosh Oh my gosh OH MY GOSH
    its gonna be soooo awesome

    Now I'm going to watch this blog

  3. and Luna too