Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Another weekend, another scene

He everypony!

It is been a 3 day weekend, and we are practically cooking here (we have a heatwave). But regardless of the weather we continue to advance each and every day.

Three more scenes have been finished this weekend, (Lion really worked hard) and three more backgrounds as well. I also started exploring the FX for the clouds.  It is a very complex subject to be done in  After Effects, so I guess I will have to take two days on the postproduction phase to figure out a perfected method.

So far, 9 cloud effects done, only one of them usable. (if you know cloud tutorials for After Effects, please, do link, I have wiped youtube and found many, but the more info I have, the more options I gather).

Here you can see one example of a proto-cloud.  The "spikes" of the superior part move like vapor, the swirls.. well, they swirl (liquify trick). But this is not fully convincing me, so I accept suggestions.


  1. Not sure if this might help, but have you checked VideoCopilot? They have incredible tutorials there for After Effects. However, they are more pointed towards video editing and adding special effects to movies, not cartoon animations. They have quite a sizeable amount of videos, so give it a check, maybe you guys can use something there. I know there are some magic effects and a smoke animation, but that's all I get from the top of my head.

    Here's the link:

  2. http://bitey.com/2010/08/bca-fx/

    This guy runs the best 2D FX Animation course there is, if your Serious about 2D animation then there is no better place to go, seriously i cannot recommend this enough! At the very least check it out.

    Your work is amazing and i look forward to seing the finishe animation ^_^