Sunday, July 15, 2012


Hello everypony!

We have received many,many,many  questions about the animation, and since it is no longer possible to answer them in an individual way, I am writing this little F.A.Q to try and give you the information you are seeking.

1. Are you going to finish it?

Yes, of course. 60% of it is done already.

2.  When are you going to release it?

We cannot give a release date because

a)  That is putting too much pressure upon us, and it will affect the quality in a negative way.
b)  It´s our first really big project like that and we don´t know how long it SHOULD or WOULD take.  We´d like to give and answer, but we really don´t know.
c)  Good and tasty things need time.

3. Are you gonna finish Heaven's Light?

Yes, yes we are. The reasons of why we are doing this before Heaven's Light are purely technical, we are doing this animations for the sole purpose of learning, for having fun and increase the quality of both our portfolios . Therefore we need to learn a lot of things in order to make this animations.

4. Which software do you use?

 Mostly Flash and After Effects

 5. Can you animate (insert idea here) next? Now do this animation...

We do not do requests, sorry.   It is not reasonable to ask us to do so, due to the ammount of work and time required to do such thing.

6. Is this going to be a full movie or an episode?

No, it is mostly gonna be the song that you saw in the animatic, and maybe a ittle something more if we manage to gather the elements we need.

7. What will happen to the children?

XD, you will find out in good time. Isn't it more  fun to find out by yourselves than asking for a spoiler?

8. She is dropping them to their deaths! Is she taking their souls?

That is not the story I am telling, but I believe that anyone can interpretate it as they want to. Whatever you like best.


  1. Good to know, thank you!

    Especially last two questions after I've read them in previous posts xD

  2. Yes, I know, I keep receiving the comment/question. About 60 times or so by now.

  3. 60% already, people can complain all they want, you guys seem to be working pretty fast to me. :)

    and you should update the animatic description for this. might help lessen the questions (not that that will stop them as many don't read them XD)

    Waiting patiently :)

  4. If it worth doing, its worth doing well...
    Take your time.
    Everyone will be thrilled when its complete.

  5. Replies
    1. Look in the youtube page and you will find out right away. :)

    2. Huh, not sure how I missed that before, very cool.

  6. I have one more question. What is the tablet you use? It looks like a Cintiq 22HD, but I'm not sure.

  7. Hey one thing is making me wonder... You want to make it something more then just a song.. but you need to gather more elements. What elements? Do you need any kind of help?

    1. Well, more than probably. But I won't start taking care of that until the animation is fully finished.

      One thing at a time. Probably, when the time will come I will announce the need of help with drums and plates, but until then, I have to focus in what I have in the oven right now.