Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fashion of the night

I simply love to exchange tips with other aritsts.

I talked with Trish yesterday and she gave me some fantastic pointers about lineart.

We made some tests on SAI, and here you can see the result. We created a couple of cloacks for our respective ponies, that would match their personality, yet following a night theme.

Spirit is mostly practical, so any attrezzo she might wear will reflect that.  THe lineart of this drawing was given by Trish, in order to give me a reference point to follow.

Gari is the most poweful of the children of the night. So here you have the great and powerful Gari.

This drawing is made by Gari (Trish) herself!  We found funny that she would have a witch costume. It makes her more Halloween-y


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    1. Hi!

      SAI is a digital art program :) You can create a number of great effects in it, from vector-style lines, great freehand lines and even digital paint brush lines. So far I've only just learned to sketch and ink in it, but the majority of my color work is in photoshop, because of ease of use.

  2. While I'm not really a fan of Gari's design, (as I commented on recently, in an older post with all the foals in it) I very much like the cloaks :D They make a lot of sense and have nice swirly clouds without dominating it or something. Thanks for sharing!

  3. g looks like that pinkie pie video of jekyl and hyde. hyde.