Sunday, August 5, 2012

Meet the colts

Hello there once more!

Today I present you the colts of CoTN. It is the first time I do an actual animation with the puppet, and in spite of not being too fancy, I am quite proud of the small achievement.

What the... DERPY! How did you get into this story?  You wanna follow Luna too?


  1. The mane colors of the one to the left are a little strange. It looks like he's wearing a helmet or wreath or something.
    But they're both still very cute ;)

  2. I think the problem I have with a lot of these designs is that they're really OVERLY designed and have way to much going on that I fear they may become a huge distraction.

    However, the colt on the right? Fits perfectly into the show's aesthetic with a non-intrusive design.

    Simple, but still original and visually pleasing.

    Can't wait to see the final product!

    1. I understand your critique, but you have to think that the children have to fulfill more than one criteria.

      The silhoettes must be recognizable, and quite different from any character of the show. They must have colors that blend in certain scenarios, yet clear parts that allow to spot them easily in the video, and elements that link them to the night.

      The more you collide criteria, the harder is to come up with the character.

  3. I have to agree with the other two commenters about the colors of the one on the left. His mane is a bit busy. Otherwise, fantastic inspiring work as usual. :D

    I'll bet Derpy was traveling through time with Dr. Whooves, and ended up here. It's the perfect explanation. XD

  4. Well, It would be foolish if I didn't those comments in count. I guess a review won't hurt. Anyway, he needed a slight correction in the build, so I can try to give it a go and make that mane breathe a little more.

  5. Nice Derpy interference.
    I love your little colt