Monday, August 6, 2012

Progress report!

Greetings Everypony!

Lion here with a little progress report!

We finished 3 more shots that were added to the final timeline and we're almost under a minute of animation left to do!  It's getting there.. it's getting there!!  YAY!

I'm currently deep into the animation of the Orphanage scene, where all the new shots have been added.. only 3 are left in there and they are, in that order, HARD, medium and baby-easy.  So While I'm sure I'll have at least ONE done this week, I'm pretty sure can make it TWO!

So while you wait, here's a little sleeping Spirit filly to keep you company as Luna sings her entrancing lullaby :)

This is Lion, signing off!


  1. So while you're working your flanks off, Spirit is sleeping? Wake her up, and you'll make it THREE this week xD

    1. Spirit was busy drawing clouds for when I'll animate the scene we call 'Moonlight Ballet'. She deserves a bit of rest :D