Thursday, August 2, 2012

We have the children!

Hello Everypony!

Just yesterday we finished the builds of the 12 children. It has taken way more time than I could calculate, since Flash drawing tools are more than deceiving.

*grab pen toon, draw a starting point, have the vector starting wherever it wants, instead of the point I chose*+*select one bezier point and watch everything dissapear* repeat this formula over and over and build up some hatred for Flash and his inventor.  *cough cough, ahem*

So, here you are an example of some of the newly buid colts and fillies. These ones are not animated, (lack of time) but you can get an idea.

Here you can see Springsign, Night Light and Candlelight!

I  watched the show very closely and compared the designs to the CMC builds, to  make sure they would fit in that universe.

Also, I went to Faust's DA and checked carefully, minding the shapes she usually adds for her characters and trying to translate that as well as I could for the children.

NOTE:  This picture doesn't show the polished versions, with corrected vectors and cutie marks.


  1. Excellent work! They're adorable of course. :)

    They really do look like they fit into the MLP universe. I'm sure when this is done, it will be very easy to suspend disbelief, and feel that this is from the show itself. :D

    I've heard that Flash can be very counter-intuitive. It must take a lot of patience to work though it.

  2. Man, this stuff just gets better and better. I await the finished product with excitement and wonder. And I wish I was half as talented as you guys.

  3. WOO! Our brother and sisters of the night! The foals are just as great here as in concept! I can't wait to see how fly by night turned out :)

  4. This is looking great! I can't wait for the final product!
    Also, Candlelight looks just like a rapidash colt :D

  5. Is Night Light based on the German exclusive G1 with the same name? She looks very much like her. She's my favourite pony too, so I am even happier if this were the case XD

    1. Absolutely yes. I even had the picture of the german pony as direct ref when I designed her. However, I changed the concept (lightbug), but kept some of the feeling of the old one, just to make sure I wouldn't "overmoon" the children. Also, The original CM for Nighlight was practically the same for Moondancer, so a change was mandatory for tje sake of variety.

    2. Weeee, I was right! ^-^ I see the occurring problem with Moondancers CM, but you still recognize Nightlight quite a lot, even with the changes. Very nice, all of their designs are very pretty and I can't wait for the final product.