Sunday, November 11, 2012

Power of Teh Blocks!

Hi All!  Lionheart here.  I didnt realize it had been SO long!  My apologies if it seemed abandoned, that's not the case at all.  The Bronies documentary is advancing and some of you might have already seen some of the animation during the EQLA screening.

From what I heard it went rather well and the response was just as great :)

We'll be slowly picking up production on Children of the Night as the documentary's workload disappears and we'll be able to give this project the love it truely deserves.

In the meantime, some of you guys have been pretty busy.  We see some fanart pop up left and right and we answer to as many as we can.  One of them popped up earlier today and seeing as I recently picked up on this strange squared-up world, I thought it deserved  a mention.

Yes, I have picked up minecraft recently.  While a bit aprehensive I found it was a nice outlet for some of my creative juices.  It combines what I used to like about some dungeon games.  I guess I would call it an Adventurous Lego Digital Designer Dungeon of Cubez.  Or something.

But anyway, this piece of art was made by Shawn Martin in 3 hours using the Creative mode.  Having done tons of pixel art before, working on something like this BEING a pixel must have been quite the planning challenge.  I like the little bed as a reference below ;)

Again, I apologize for the long delays between posts and even longer delays for the production.  I miss this project and really want to get back to it.  You guys are awesome!



  1. Good to know you're still at it, man. Thanks for the update! :D

  2. WOOT! Cant wait to see this blog get busy again XD

    1. You will, indeed. We have received a lot of fanart, messages and things that we want to share with the rest of the community.

      Not to mention that, animation wise, we developed new techniques in this timelapse that will go into CoTN.