Friday, December 14, 2012

Bronydoc, finished!

Yes Baby, The team is back on the track!

Lion has just finished the Bronydoc work, and we will be ready to get back to  CotN very soon. We will probably let a week pass before diving into this again (on Christmas vacation, probably).

Lion needs a breather badly, because he is been animating non stop since April. But! that will pay off on the final quality on the project.

In the meanwhile, since I am more advanced and Lion doesn't need me so much in the project until new scenes are packed, I will be running a very short community project, to keep myself busy, but not too busy.

You can check the comic project TOWER OF TIME here

The first phase  it is almost completed, and this weekend will enter the drawing phase.


  1. omg!!! im so excited to hear this ^^ and yet, i cant help but think that lion really needs a break, i mean, if he's been animating all this time, he should, no wait, he needs to rest, i mean, its time for christmas and all so most ppl will be busy having a good time, i hope both of you gets a well deserved week of rest, and my best regards to you two too ^^

    may you have a wonderlfull christmas, and thanks for everything.

  2. Yes, he is kinda exhausted. His mind needs a well deserved refreshment, so he can jump back into this project at full power.

    It is never easy to manage creative pace.

  3. Congrats, Lion! Hope we can all see your work soon. Don't feel bad about taking a break before getting back to this; you've definitely earned it.

  4. In the official trailer for the Bronies documentary, we saw that animation done by JanAnimations/Ask-the-Crusaders. Is the thing Lion did a different animation in the film? Or did he help with what we saw? (A song sung by de Lancie where he explains what bronies are.)

    1. The animation that you saw in the trailer was done between Jan and Lion, but I cannot give you any more info until the release date.

    2. Chances are, you probably won't see the difference between mine and Jan's animation parts. There were 3 animators on the project, Me, Jan and Matt Sullivan.

      I was also in charge of storyboarding, animatic, layout, timing and managing the whole animation project as well as revisioning every animation bit that came through.

      While I could not correct every mistake (there were not that many) I still managed to animate a good chunk.

      Jan and I were helping each other out constantly as well.

      He's an awesome guy and awesome animator, be sure to send some props his way :)

  5. So when do you and Jan join the DHS team? hehe

    It's really amazing what fans can creat, and reach truely professional levals