Saturday, March 30, 2013

New flash plugin, Single frame on Graphics by default

Hello There everypony!

Some weeks ago I made post on this blog about something that I believed Flash needed badly.

That would be a plugin for forcing every new created symbol to be in single frame by default.

Well, our fella, Arno B, has made it happen. Here is an open source plugin that he developed in a jiffy, that makes just that.

Flash Extension, lock single frame, by ARNO B.

If you are a professional Flash animator or builder, this may come in handy.  It is not a critical thing, but when you have passed several hours building something, it is very frustrating to find out that you missed some parts in loop, and you have to go like a hawk over evertyhint to fix it.

Thank you so much Arno B for your wonderful work on this. It is been an incredible surprise and a honor to test this tool with you.




  1. Thanks Arno XD for making Spirit and Lion's jobs easier!

  2. You guys are very welcome. :) I have more extensions on the way. Just had to take a brief hiatus from coding.


    1. All hail Arno! It so nice of You to share.

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  4. For some reason the link is broken. :/
    I'm starting to use Flash, and I was curious about this plugin.