Thursday, May 16, 2013

Progress of CoTN

Hello there everypony!

I am here to report exactly were we are at with our little short film.

The most frequent asked questions are:

When will it be done?
How much do you have left to do?
How long it will be?

Once again,  let me explain that we decided NOT to give a release date to focus on production instead of  completion. The point of the film is to push our skill to the maximum, getting a product of the highest quality we can achieve at the

moment.  Giving a deadline would make it an industry standard case and it would be absolutely pointless, because we don´t have industry standard conditions (no team, no budget, limited resources, no profit purpose and only two folks doing what they can).

Now for status report:

Backgrounds: 100% complete (pending corrections in shot 33B)
Animation 75% (two shots left to animate)
Postproduction 60% (effects have been prepared, catalogued and tested in AE, it is just a matter of rendering). Pending shots haven´t been postproducted yet (d'uh).

VA: 100%
 FX animation: 75%   Changes in Luna´s mane for better flow over shots 11, 8, 14 , 24 A, 34B, 35, shot 34 A , 34Bb and 35 pending FX, done in tradigital technique.

Now , I am afraid that such things are very difficult to calculate in time frame. I don´t know if we are going to encounter a technical problem along the way (we had many before).

 Ok, now that the explanations are done, let's get to the cool stuff, and that is the problems that we are tackling right now.

Just yesterday we encountered a problem of flow in Luna's mane. The cycle that we have prooves not to be enough for the need, so we will have to tweak it, just like they do in the show.    We tested three different ways of tackling this problem, to conclude that tradigital was the only way to solve it.

Basically, we will have to add more animation to her mane when she lands, takes off or does extreme movements. We decided to take example from three cartoon characters with similar hair treatment, being those Ariel, Eris and the Spring devil from Samurai Jack ( which looks like Celestia BTW).  

Here you can have a rough example. 


  1. From the looks of it you guys almost have it completed, but it's done when you say it's done. The wait will definitely be worth it.

  2. Nice to see the progress that has been made. Like always, take your time, better done well than done quickly.

    Curious, what do you mean by "tradigital"?

  3. Tradigital means performing with tradional animation (hand drawn) directly on the software using a tablet or a Cintiq. There are many software applications nowaways that are geared towards tradigital procedure, being the most used TV Paint, Toon Boom and Flash.


  4. Gonna take a guess and say you'll probably have this done by July, perhaps in time to be shown at Everfree Northwest. Maybe.