Saturday, July 6, 2013

David Larsen Joins the CoTn team

Hello Evreypony!

Spirit reporting progress.  The killer shot, number 35 is almost done, after that, everything is downhill, or so we hope.

But the news today is that David Larsen has joined the project and he is providing his awesome musical abilities.   So far, he has done an splendid job!

He is working on something that has a lot to do with what the fans requested. I took the decission two weeks ago, but you will have to wait until the release to find out what in tarnation I am talking about.

He and Sarah Williams are going to bring sound and voice to something new that wasn´t there before. 

Here is a sample of David´s work. He requested one of our bgs for his piece "Aeons". 

NOTE:  This is David´s musical piece, NOT our video.


  1. Can you clear up some points for everyone?
    1. Why/where is Luna taking the children?
    2. in the animatic, Celestia appears to wake up with a look of horror on her face. (Am I just imagining this?)
    3.Do you think you'll have this out by fall/ winter?
    You don't have to answer the second or third one , but I would REALLY love for that first question to be answered, I've been wondering since I first discovered this!

    1. Hello there. I don´t know why that is happening.

      About your questions, you will get an answer, but not now. That would be a mega spoiler.

  2. To whichever one of you "duo cartoonist' on Youtube is:
    I tried to send you a question to you about children of the night, but Youtube keeps saying you've blocked me. . . . WHY, YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW ME!?

    1. The channel belongs to both of us.

      I don't know what your user name is on youtube, however there has been a massive debate over why things dont go faster and youtube comments are not the best place for that.

      Seeing consensus was not getting reached and it was not helping anyone or enlightening anyone, we pulled the plug on some that were just perpetuating a useless debate. (Useless as in nothing that is/has/would have been said will influence anything)

      If you feel you were injustly restrained from making constructive comment/criticism, I'm sure we can remedy the situation.

  3. David Larson is an extremely talented musician! I am sure whatever he is helping you with will turn out phenomenal! Can't wait to see!

    1. He is indeed. He has done the score already and I couln´t be happier with it. But it will be up to you all to judge when we will release.

  4. Such a lovely song, he's definitely a talented musician and artist. <3 I can't wait to hear it!

  5. omg that music is so beautiful! and it fits so perfect with the setting of the scene in the video. its like music is playing while ponies roam in the night getting ready for bed and/or when the princess are strolling about. it is so awesome and eligent music! I am sittin on the edge of my chair waiting to see more news!
    i cant wait to see the finshed! and find out little things ive noticed in the clips and the story of the movie is going to be awesome!!!!!! i cant wait!!!! x3

    -does the pinkie pie hyper dance and bouncing around, clapping her hooves
    - AHHH!! oh boy oh boy oh boy! i cant wait!!!

  6. J'adooorre cette musique!!! Elle est incroyable (^-^)

    J'ai vraiment hâte de voir (et d'entendre) le résultat final!!!

  7. I thought for sure you would be using the original recording of the song, as heard in the animatic, but knowing that David Larsen is working on a new arrangement with the original singer is an even cooler thought.